17 April 2017

How shall debate be stifled this time?

What is the current standard response by supporters of Trump to critics of the current regime? Have they come up with one yet?

For the last eight years there was a ready response on the lips of Obama supporters. It didn't matter how you phrased your criticism, this is what happened:

A: I believe the president's policies in this matter are well intentioned but will ultimately miss the mark, and ultimately not only not produce the results predicted but achieve the exact opposite of their stated purpose. I have written a thirty page article on the matter. It is well researched, copiously annotated and has been vetted by three separate peer review boards.

B: Racist!

This, of course, was only against white people. On the occasions when the critic was black, the response was far harsher, using terms like oreo, sell out, race traiter and house n-word.

The point of saying such things is not to engage in debate: it is the opposite of debate.  it is an attempt to silence the other side by demonizing them.

There are those who believe it is only the Left who tries to silence disagreement by calling names or making accusations, but it is not so. Prior to Obama we had the eight years of Dubya. His reign gave rise to this gem of dialogue:

A: I am deeply concerned about the increasing powers given to the executive branches, the CIA, FBI and DHS. While I understand the threat posed by terrorism, these new powers have the potential to irretrievably damage the Bill of Rights and run counter to the spirit of individual liberty enshrined in the constitution.

B Why do you hate America?

So, not that anyone even knows how to have a diaogue or a debate anymore, but in the unlikely event that one comes along, what method shall supporters of the current administration use to crush and demonise those who hold differing opinions?

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