20 August 2019

Publishing news

I see from my report at Amazon that I have, thus far, sold two copies of Within a Stone's Throw.  I believe this makes it the best selling book on the history of Catholics in Canada in recent decades.


Kathleen1031 said...

It's in my "books waiting to read list". I've got to get off this darn computer and start reading books again. I can't imagine that it wouldn't be completely interesting to lots of Catholics, but particularly the people who live in that geographic area! It should be personal history for so many families there! People should be interested in their own local or family/church history if nothing else.

I am really impressed with the beauty of the book, it's no cheap paperback. I think your artistic sensibility can be seen in the book itself. It feels like a quality book in your hand, and the paper and print seem superior.

Kathleen1031 said...

Oh, did you decide on your frame?

Bear said...

I haven't chosen the frame yet, but I think I will just use the one I've made. Of I change my mind I can saw it off and make another without any difficulty. I have another one I need to frame, but that one I think I will just wrap in some dark wood.

I did spend some time working on the layout and design of this book- at least, a bit more than my first few. I think I'm starting to get a feel for it. As for the quality of the book, that is mainly down to Amazon. They have a decent print on demand set up there, fairly easy to use. Thanks for buying the book. let me know what you think of it when you have read it. As Noel Coward said: "I love criticism, as long as it's unqualified praise."