17 November 2020

Different times, different manners.

I decided to go outside my comfort zone for a bit. With the covid situation there are no in person bazaars or craft shows happening in the city right now, and a lot of charities that raised money through said shows are being forced to improvise. The long and the short is that I've signed up for one virtual show, I've never sold my stuff on line before like this, and they've never run a show like this before, so this could be sub optimal. The first thing I need to do now is photograph all my work.
On the upside, they informed me that if I could get my application in before Friday they would waive the usual application fee, which just leaves them taking ten percent of my sales revenue. So now I must jack up all my prices considerably, as they want to tell would be customers that shipping and handling is free, (I hope that's just for within Ontario.) I should be doing this anyway, as I am a chronic undercharger. I believe I inherited it from my mother. She practically apologized when she told people the cost of her paintings, and would often mumble that the cost of paint went up, etc.
This is not something I am terribly comfortable with, but this is what I have to work with, so... here we go.

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Kathleen1031 said...

Please make sure to post some photos!