4 July 2022


 The threatened job action was avoided at the eleventh hour.  As, I should probably add, it usually is.  It seems both sides like to bring us to the brink of a strike/lockout every negotiation, but every time they seem to move closer to the edge than before.  In previous years, the threat of job action didn't perturb me overmuch, but this time I wasn't certain: it looked as though it could have gone either way.

My thanks for your prayers.

29 June 2022

Prayer Request

 For my family and myself.  Negotiations between my union and the administration are tense, and there is a threat of both a strike and a lockout if a deal is not reached by July 1st.  Come next Monday, I may effectively be out of a job.  Please pray that both sides grow a brain and a heart.

14 June 2022

Make disciples of all men

 I have found myself in the middle of several arguments again between various Catholics groups.  The short version is that each group wishes to drive the other out of the church.  It is some confusion to me that our Church is dwindling, yet it is not small enough for many: they wish even more to be gone.

I regret to say that I have been on both sides of this argument.  There have been groups I have wished would pack up and leave, form their own church, or do whatever and just leave the rest of us in peace.  I have also been told I should pack up and leave myself. The result is that my own faith has become more isolated: I examine my own conscience, I go to Mass, pray, do my works as best I can, alone, and no longer look to others for support nor care for their criticisms.  We are supposed to support each other and, when necessary, correct each other, but what is happening now is often a travesty of that.  If I have driven others out, or snuffed a dying flame, I repent it. 

3 June 2022

Choosing beggers

Criticism is one of the easiest things.  We should be careful of the easy things.

Last night, a few friends and fellow parishioners and I sat in a pub, and the topic of conversation rather naturally came around to our church.  One of us commented that, in all his years at the church, he has never really been able to understand any of the sermons.  All our priests come from other countries, and they often speak with thick accents.  I understand completely.  

But we need these men.  We in the West have failed our faith in many ways.  We have failed to produce the priests we need, and therefore we often beg for priest from countries far poorer than we, though richer in faith.  In many ways, we seem to have become mission territory.

My friend is right about our priests: some of them are difficult to understand.  There's one whose masses sound as though they are prayed by an adult from a Charlie Brown Special, and therefore, whenever I see this man processing toward the altar, I bow my head and thank God that this man heard His call and obeyed.  We need thousands more like them, accents strange to our ears or no.