17 October 2019

For the month of Mary

My wife and her group were helping to organize the second annual Rosary Concert at the parish where her group (the Daughters of Isabella) are centered.  The first one had about thirty or so people in attendance, a bit disappointing, but those who went loved it so much it was decided to do another, and thus they are planning the new one which will be tonight  This is good news, as the choirs were quite good, as far as Catholic choirs go, and I am looking forward to attending.

They started out planning, as I said, another rosary concert (for those unfamiliar, the heart of such a program is a sung decade- ten different settings of the Ave Maria) but that went a trifle pear shaped, as the actually music directors changed the program and changed a few Aves into some general Marian Hymns, interspersed with some meditations on one of the sets of mysteries.

At any rate, my wife had me look over the program and the program notes, and as I was reading it, it struck me that this format was actually fairly close to the Lessons and Carols that the Anglicans (and some Catholics, including me) are very fond of at Christmas time.  I wondered what an actual Marian Lessons and Carols (or Aves) would look like.

Well, I went on lone and quickly discovered that, like most of my better ideas, someone else had it first.  I found this one over Canticanova, and it is pretty good. I would have put in more Aves and planned it out a bit differently, but, even so, I would attend a parish that put on this or something like it.  I'll let you know how tonight's turns out.

Update: It was great.  Between 50-60 people came out, on a Thursday night, at least double the first one last year.  The music was very well sung.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I am looking forward to the next one.

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Kathleen1031 said...

It sounds wonderful. I'm glad it went well! I enjoy such events as well, and think we should have more of them.