3 August 2021

A new photo of the altar

My home altar is once again one of my more popular posts.

 I sold my old home altar a while back.  The new owner is setting up a chapel in her home, and the home altar is now a side altar in the chapel.  She is quite happy with the altar, and asked me to make some frames for Stations of the Cross as well.  I was just sent a new photo of the altar in its new home with some of the stations beside it.

I am happy the altar has a new home with someone who loves it.  it looks better than ever.


Anonymous said...

As the new owner of your beautiful altar and stations of the cross casings, I am not 'quite' happy with your work,I am very happy, and actually, thrilled, with how it looks in my home chapel. It is so beautiful!

God bless you and thank you for using your talents to give God glory.

Bear said...

Thanks, Anonymous! I'm glad you like it.