3 February 2007

The Devout Life: A House Dismantled

The Devout Life: A House Dismantled,

Since Maria used my blog for her comment on Devout Life, I thought I should comment on this story.


You don't own the house. The owner allowed you to live there, it seems, rent free. The house aint yours.

The owner of the house retains ownership and maintains the right to move the house if he so wishes.

The owner may appoint a steward (not you the boarder) to command the house, to act for the Owner until the owner returns and, if the Steward commands the house moved, the house moves.

So to answer your question: Did you leave the house?

No you didn't leave the house, but you did abandon the house. It was never your house, and this confusion, is caused by the use of the possessive pronoun "(y)our." We have use of it, not ownership. The house moved and you did not move with it.

The House is God's House, (He owns it) and no temporal person may, by any means, presume to take it upon himself to assume its ownership.

The command of the Church was granted to St.Peter and the Bishops of Rome, from the mouth of our Blessed Saviour, Christ Himself, whilst He lived and was personally present here on earth.

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