8 February 2007

Elder Came Home Yesterday

Our Elder arrived home safe and sound, no worse for wear. ( I, OTOH, worried for three days) Picked her up at school, went to Nonna's house and she headed straight for the Nutella and the TV. 3 days without either of them, and she just had to have them. She was rather bummed that she missed World Nutella Day, oh well, maybe next year. I don't think she missed her dad and I as much as the TV and Nutella. Well one must have priorities!

As the parents were waiting for the buses to return to the school, a few of them wondered why the school planned the trip during February. Especially since it gets so cold. A few mentioned that they didn't think it woud get so cold, because December and January were so mild.

Uh, hello, this is Canada! Whatever December and January are like, February will send us into a deep freeze, everytime. Every year, people complain about the cold. Let me repeat, this is Canada. It has been cold during February, even before these 28 (29days)of the year were called February, since the dawn of time. Quit complaining and learn to accept and prepare for it.

When the camp advises in its "recommended packing list" to pack 3 days worth of undershirts, longjohns, shirts, sweaters, plus a thin jacket, coat, and snowpants, hat, scarf, several mitts, and insulated boots, so you make sure you pack 3 each of undershirts , longjohn, shirts, sweaters, plus 1 hoody jacket, coat, snowpants, hat scarf, several pairs of mitts and a pair of insulated boots. How difficult is that?

Elder mentioned that a few of the kids only brought up one blanket, no sheets no other bedding. The packing list clearly states 1 sheet set, pillow and pillow case and blanketS, In case you missed it that is PLURAL. Why do parents blame others when they don't read what is given them. I guess they thought this February was somehow going to be different from all the previous Februaries that we've experienced.

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