5 February 2007

one more thing

I forgot this in my earlier round up.

Also in the news last week, a pair of bald eagles were living on Toronto Island, and were living quite happily eating the ducks and Canada Geese that hang around the harbour all year long. Whilst I welcome anything that cuts back on the goose population in the parks and waterfront, doesn't a national symbol killing and eating another nation's quasi-national symbol (at least in name) constitute an international incident?

It reminds me a little of a story over the summer, about a mating pair of Red Tailed Hawks nesting on the Ontario Parliament building. It became tourist attraction, and also a lunch hour attraction, to see the hawks take pigeons and squirrels. Some people even took to throwing peanuts onto the open ground to draw out the squirrels so they could watch the squirrels get nailed. The squirrels eventually kept to the trees, although the pigeons were pretty much cleaned out. The groundskeepers, whose job among other things is to clean all the statues down there, were quite happy and hope the hawks return next year.

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