1 February 2007

Updated on Truscott's Appeal

From the CBC website:

Steven Truscott became Canada's youngest death-row inmate in 1959 when he was
sentenced to be hanged at age 14 for the murder of Lynn Harper. His case is one of the most famous and controversial in Canadian judicial history. Truscott's long fight to clear his name resumed in an Ontario courtroom Jan. 31 2007, and cameras have been allowed to show the proceedings.

Previous court hearings in Steven Truscott's five-decade legal battle to have his name cleared were conducted "behind a veil," said Truscott's lawyer James Lockyer as he began oral submissions to the Ontario Court of Appeal.

As part of lifting that veil — in a first for the court in a criminal proceeding — cameras are being allowed to show the case live. CBC.ca offers daily live video streaming when the court sits.

CBC Newsworld will have live coverage periodically during the 10-15 days that oral arguments are scheduled.

"This is very much part of the spirit of opening up our justice system to even more transparency," Ontario attorney general Michael Bryant said in an interview with the Canadian Press.

"This is the first criminal appeal that will be broadcast."

Link to view video from the Appeals Court of Ontario

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