1 March 2007

Oh Dear

Hilary is angry with me: and all because I thought that wishing Justin Trudeau would die in an avalanche, which is a clear allusion to the way his brother died, was cruel and insulting (to wish anyone dead is unChristian). And this is lent, and all. Oh, and I insist on using Puff the Magic Dragon as my nom de plume

I must have really upset her, because she found it very necessary to post her rules for commenting on her blog. Some of my more argumentative comments she deleted, others she either overlooked or, since I agreed with her, she let stay.

So readers of The Spirit's Sword, would you have any suggestions what "Christian" name I should use when commenting on Hilary's blog. I thought Paul, because of my blog here, but to use a Great Saint's name when dealing with her is just plain wrong, on so many levels.

Any ideas?

Click on the Title of this post and take a gander at her blog.


Hilary, apparently, deleted her post about Justin Trudeau and "never an avalanche around when you need one"

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