20 April 2007

Test Results are in

The Ultrasound came back normal, so no liver or gall stones, Deo Gratias.
Urinalysis aslo came back normal.
Blood work came back. "Her Liver is slightly elevated, which is indicative that she was fighting a virus." Apparently no matter what virus you have the liver gets involved.

Well, that would go with the whole last week Wednesday she had a fever of 39C (For my American Readers 102F) and that day she slept all day and all night. The fever broke by the next morning. Though I kept her home from school for one more day in case the symptoms came back, and Friday she went for the tests and she didn't go to school that day either.
But she was back at school Monday, and only missed Thursday to pick up the test results.

She hasn't been ill since. So I was already pretty sure, that whatever it was had resolved itself. And he concurred. He examined her and found no tenderness in her abdomen, and concluded that she is over her virus.

But the Doctor can't get past the original tenderness around the liver so he wants one more blood test, to make sure the liver is back to normal after the virus.

So my Elder will be the Vampire's victim one more time. I am pretty confident that she is fine. And as long as I don't play the "what if" I'll survive until we get this test result back.

I would like to thank St. Erasmus, and thank all of you for your prayers.

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