11 May 2007

heard at work today

Warning: not exactly Catholic.

Today in the lunchroom the people were discussing, yet again, what they'd do if they won the big jackpot in the lottery. The plans swirled around houses, cars, etc, (no one mentioned that they might have some more kids now that they could afford it, but that's for another post) and, eventually, revenge. They plotted oh so elaborately the things they would do once they had the means to really vent their spleens. But then the Trinidadian interrupted.

"No man," he said. "You've got it all wrong. If I won, I would take out a few minutes time on tv, and say 'Hello, my name is Dex, I've just won twenty million dollars, and the following people can kiss my ---.'"

I must admit, I enjoyed that little sentiment a bit more than a practicing Catholic should.

Of course, the reason we're called 'practicing' Catholics is that if we keep on practicing, one day we may be good at it.

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