23 June 2007

George Carlin can ask pretty deep questions

Okay, we've heard the question, ""How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?" In fact Bear tells me that several hundred years ago this was debated by doctors of the church. The answer, by the way is tricky. To select any number would imply that angels have mass, and angels are non corporeal and therefore have no mass. Since angels are completely obedient to God, the number of Angels that CAN dance on the head of a pin is however many God wants to have dance on the head of a pin. "Why would God want a particular number of angels dancing on the head of a pin?", was never, thankfully, asked by church fathers, and I will not ask now.

Having said that, I am reminded of a question asked by comedian George Carlin (on my George Carlin album (yes I still have Vinyl).

For those so young, you don't know what vinyl album is I present this picture.


God, being all powerful, can he create a rock that he himself cannot lift?

How does one go about answering that. Does anyone really want to try?

This question reminds me of a debate between two church doctors, Jerome (pronounced JEREMY) and Augustine) Who says what I can't rightly remember. Bear knows. Bear? Oh Bear?

One: What was God doing before he created time?
Two: I don't know, but the first thing he did after he created time, was to create a hell for people who asked questions like that.

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