8 June 2007

Why I should limit the sites I visit.

I went to a blog (Relapsed Catholic) don't normally visit the other day. Scrolling down I found this little entry about the organist who sold sex toys(I would link to it, but I was unable to link to the single post, or to the site in general, so I copied it.):

Gay male) priests who molest boys got secretly transfered(sic) from parish to
parish for twenty years, but a (straight female) choir director is fired for
selling vanilla sex toys in her off hours?

These are "products of a
sexual nature that are not consistent with Church teachings." OK, I don't expect
to open up the Catechism and read product reviews of vibrating eggs. But I also
missed the part recommending you cover up felonies to save a fellow priest's

Church leaders got away with making piss-poor decisions that
ultimately ruined hundreds of lives and cost billions of dollars in settlements.
So grown women should get to debate the merits of rubber vs. silicone in the
privacy of somebody's living room.

And I don't really care what Thomas
Aquinas would say.

In other posts the author spoke of how she doesn't care for rules of debate, and that she should feel free to fire off whatever she wants, and she doesn't care about what some dead Greek said about logic a few thousand years ago, etc, etc, etc. So pointing out the red herring of this post would be pointless.

I could ask, was the priest who was involved in firing the organist one of the "church leaders" involved in the decision to hide pedophiles? Because she lumps him in with that group. If he wasn't involved, why is he to blame for the Scandal? Her writing suggests, 'there was a group to which I affiliate him to which he may or may not have belonged that was wrong back then and therefore he is wrong now.' huh?

But this would again be invoking logic, which she eschews. Obviously.

What can one say?

The Scandal has put a huge blot on Catholics and Catholicism. The filth that did these crimes, and the failure of the leadership to do anything has hurt us in so many ways. First and most importantly, it hurt those directly involved. It ruined lies, destroyed families. Many of them lost faith in the Church. Others last faith in a Church that could do such a thing. And it handed ammunition to those who wish to argue against the Church. Any issue we raise, the Scandal is thrown back in our face. Here a catholic is doing it, to other Catholics.

The apparent point behind raising the scandal is simple: Catholics were wrong then, they can never be right again. They failed to take a stand then, how dare they take a stand now?

Sir Philip Sidney once wrote that it does not follow that "good is not good, because better is better." The writer of this post is saying "bad is not bad, because worse is worse." It's ok to sell the toys, because someone else did something worse.

It's unfortunate she doesn't care what Aquinas would say. It wouldn't take too long, and it can be summed up in only one word: wrong.

The fact that someone else was wrong does not make you right.

And I'll go back to not normally visiting that site.

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