23 July 2007

I, Elder, hacked into my folks blog, bwaahahaha

While they are reading, I will post for them. Since Dim-bulb lead me onto the Way of the Fathers, I asked Dad all the questions (- it's so easy to get the truth out of him when he is preoccupied - hehehe) and now post his result. BTW if Dad asks ssshh, don't tell him.

You’re Justinian!

In the sixth century, Justinian accomplished the brief recovery of the empire’s old territory in the east, in Africa, and in the west. His victories, however, were hard won over the course of decades, and they came at a great cost in human life, not to mention taxation. Paradoxically, Justinian’s military successes probably contributed to the empire’s subsequent decline. The conquered lands were hardly secure, and many were lost in the years after his death. During his reign there was a great flowering of Byzantine culture, whose monuments remain in Istanbul (e.g., Hagia Sophia) and Ravenna. His reconstitution of Roman law, the so-called Justinian Code, is still the basis of civil law in some modern states. Justinian is venerated as a saint in the Orthodox Church.

Find out which Byzantine ruler you are at The Way of the Fathers!

Yup that's dad, hard but fair.

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