28 July 2007

Out of the mouths of babes

Children teach parents lots of things.

Take for instance the reactions of three parents when woken up at 3 am by their sick three year old.

First time parents.

"Daddy, I'm going to throw up."
Daddy boots out of bed and spends the entire night staying by child's side, even though, nausea passes and child is better by morning he rushes child to the pediatrician first thing in the moring. In fact he is there before the receptionist is.

Third Time parent.

"Daddy I'm going to throw up."
"Well, get to the bathroom. I'll be right there."
He encourages the child, and tell her that it's Okay, and if she needs to throw up to go ahead, it might make her feel better. After all its better out than in. After twenty minutes, if no vomitting occurs, he gives daughter pediatric gravol and helps her settle down to sleep.

Tenth time parent
The three year old has projectile vomitting.
"Ah, give him some water so he doesn't dehydrate, and he'll get over it."

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