29 July 2007

Sitemeter off this site

I have determined that it would be prudent to remove sitemeter from this blog because of several reports on different blogs, like this one from Mount Carmel Bloggers. The total number of visiters from January 31, 2007 until July 29, 2007 10:16 p.m. was 4149, for anyone who might be interested.

Mount Carmel Bloggers has removed the above post ergo the link is useless. It had stated that Sitemeter had contributed $200 000.00 to Planned Parenthood.

There had been also some concern about a virus attached to the hit counting service.

Causa Nostrae Laetitiae has published an e-mail she received from Sitemeter stating that no such donation was made to Planned Parenthood, and no virus is associated with the hit counting service.

I am too tired to put Sitemeter back on will do so tomorrow if I so desire.

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