1 July 2007

What Is Happening in Niafles, France?

From the Summary on U-tube as explained by gunneryshartman

"For 40 years a traditional priest was celebrating a tridentine mass every sunday in this little village counting 250 inhabitants. The priest died a few months ago, and a priest from the FSSP replaced him for a couple of months i think, but then the bishop (mgr Maillard) decided to cancel the tridentine mass and move it 30 miles away without any explanation. So the faithful got angry, tried to talk to the bishop without success.

"So the faithful decided to occupy the church as a form of protest. The bishop told the press he would send in the riot police to get them out if necessary ...

"At this time the socialist mayor, who wanted for a long time to take over the presbytary and transform it into a city hall, seized the chance, he organized a little milicia (sic) composed of anarchists, socialists and liberal catholics to attack and seize the church. They succeded and drove the faithful away for a few hours and they came back ...

"Yesterday night [Puff's note: This was added on June 25, so "Yesterday night" is the evening of June 24th] the mayor organized a second raid during the night, more violent this time, attacking a faithful in his car during his retreat.

"The military police was there and forbade the faithful to tape the attack, but didn't stop the break in.

"They continue the struggle at this very moment, pray for them."

Part 1/2

Part 2/2
From gunneryshartman
"Sermon de l'abbe Neri avec les fideles, retranches chez un paroissien a la suite de l'attaque de l'eglise par le maire socialiste et sa bande."

My translation from the French."The Homily of Abbot Neri to the faithful, who had retreated to the home of a parishioner following the attack on the church by the socialist mayor and his band."

If anyone could translate the homily, please do so in the commbox. Thank you.

M/N to A Faithful Rebel who has the story in Niafles here , here , and here.

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