25 August 2007

Let me Tell You a Story

A young woman on the way to Mass, would pass by the house of a very good man, who never went to church. Hw would voice is disgust with people who went to church, whenever they passed by his house.

One particular day, as she passed his house, he cried out to her from his verandah, " I never go to church, and I am as good as any one who goes there."

The young woman, although, piqued, managed to refrain from being angry, and only said, "I am glad that you can be good without going to church, and I will even agree that some people can be good without going to church, but I need the church, and all the help I can get to be good."

The man made no reply, and from then on anytime he saw her going to church, he never said a rude word to her again.

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