7 September 2007

Canada gets a new lectionary

... and not everyone is happy about it. After 18 years of debate, the Vatican has approved the NSRV translation. Not everyone is happy over it. Nor should they be. The translation was pursued for political and not theological reasons. It attempts to use inclusive language whenever possible, including the Daniel 7:13 passage, wherein the phrase "Son of Man" is removed so the passage reads: "I saw one like a human being coming with the clouds of heaven…"(H/T Dyspeptic Mutterings) Not the same thing at all.

That this happened at a time following the Motu Proprio, Liturgiam Authenticam, and the new translation of the Mass is bewildering to say the least. And the average Catholic neither knows, nor cares that another piece of our inheritance is given to the wind. Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what your country is doing to you.

It is a simple truth, and the foundation of our faith: We should not alter the Word of God to conform to our opinions and sensitivities; rather, we should alter our opinions and sensitivities to conform to the Word of God.

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