26 September 2007

Today is the feast of....

These guys!

Their courage inspired and continues to inspire those who came after. Their deaths bore true witness to Faith. They are a glory to those who came after, and a beacon to those who live in the land where they first sowed the seeds of faith.
A little confusion seems to linger, though, over what to call them. In Canada we generally speak of 'the Canadian Martyrs.' I find the American blogs, however, refer to them as 'the North American Martyrs.' The name does not change their nature, their history, or the truths to which they bore witness. Having said that, it is possible, even probably, that both names are an imposition, and it is unlikely these men would have recognized either title. If they thought of themselves as anything other than Catholic, it was French. I must admit, though, I have never heard them called 'the French Martyrs', no one would know what I was speaking of were I to refer to them as such. All things being equal, the 'Canadian' or 'North American' Martyrs are the two best titles.
I just happen to think "Canadian Martyrs" is more equal than the other.

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