28 October 2007

Soulless Corporations Make War On Our Daughters

Dale Price over at Dyspeptic Mutterings has continued his annual tradition of launching a Jeremiad over the state of Hallowe'en costumes for young girls. As always, his attack is worthy of a read, and on the money.

In the comments box one person comments that the Bratz (or should that be Slutz?) line is toned down this year from past years. Even so, whose bright idea was this, and what parents would really want their daughters to look like painted tarts? These are children, for cryin' out loud! Sexing up your daughters is wrong, wrong WRONG!

What can we do against such things? Should we lock our children up? Head for the hills and start a farmstead, where papa spends all his free time sitting on the front porch polishing his good ol' shotgun? Perhaps we should start a line of Catholic costumes- see if we can at least try and keep some kind of alternative- dress your children up as their favourite saints. There are even a few scary ones. Personally, a kid dressed up as a post-flaying Bartholomew would scare the bejeebies out of me.

Every time I think we have sunk as low as we possibly can, someone goes and lowers the bar. Corporations think nothing of dressing up children as sex objects if it makes them a buck, and they will do so as long as there are still bucks out there. Let none of those dollars be your own. The search for an ever lower rung on the ladder of taste goes on unabated. Seek a higher ground. Our culture hit rock bottom, and proceeded to dig.

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