28 November 2007

A brief reflection on the previous Pope

I was over at another site, to which I won't link, where I read someone in the comments box praising Benedict XVI and going off on John Paul II, saying how much more Benedict has done, how much better Benedict is, and so on. Now, Benedict is worthy of praise- much praise, great praise- but there is no need to put down his predecessor to build him up. John Paul II went out to the world to evangelize. He took on communism and kicked it to the curb. Had he done nothing else he would warrant our gratitude. Furthermore, the reason why Benedict was in such a prominant position at the last conclave was because JPII put him there. Praise Benedict, by all means. But don't try and make him look big by making someone else seem small. JP II worked according to his gifts, as does BXVI, and he did many great things.

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