20 November 2007


I have an assignment for everyone today. First, a little background.

The recent ordination reminded me of the last time I met the man now ordained. It was in July or August, shortly after the recent Motu Proprio had been released. I asked him his opinion on the Motu Proprio. It took him a minute to figure out what I was talking about in a "Wha..? Oh, that..." kind of way. He said in his opinion there would be little change in Toronto; Toronto was already doing enough and there was no real need or demand. He echoed, very closely, what Father Z. calls "the party line." He also brought up the subject of Gregorian Chant, and said something I've heard hundreds of times: "Gregorian Chant sounds terrible when it's sung badly."

Although I disagree with him about a few things like this, he is a decent, faithful man, and I have tremendous respect for him and his willingness to heed God's call. He is in my prayers every night, and I ask for prayers on his behalf, and the behalf of his classmates both here and everywhere, for we do need more men like this.

But going on: his comment about Chant deserves a response. And that, class, brings me to your assignment his evening: Name one kind of music that sounds good when sung badly. Extra marks will be given for originality. And remember, I taught English at University for a time, so spelling and grammar count.

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