1 November 2007

The Joke of Modern Ethics

I mistakenly read another adpaper today. It had a brief article, under the heading of "Deep Thoughts", on a woman who is doing post graduate research on the ethics of reproductive tourism. "Reproductive Tourism" is when people travel abroad to fertility clinics in an effort to get pregnant. The woman is studying the ethics of people from first world nations travelling to second and third world nations, who set up these clinics to draw in some money, thus causing these nations to divert their thin medical resources to service the over privileged of our nations.

I could write her ethics paper in a second. I'll write it right here. In a secular, relative world, in which there are no absolutes, a world in which this sort of thing happens in the first place, you cannot come up with a solid ground to create categories of right and wrong. Ethics cease to exist in any meaningful form, and with any more meaningful basis than "because I say so". There are only appetites and hungers, sated and denied. There are only choices and consequences, nothing more.

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