7 November 2007

Okay, I'll attend the Ordination.

The Poll is closed and the majority of you suggested that I attend the ordination. Besides Bear-i-tone will be singing with one of the choirs. I'll leave that post for him. I'll offer it up for all those who can't celebrate mass. I'll offer it up for all the Canadians who have fallen, especially those who died in Afghanistan this year. As for everything else, I'll leave in the hands of our Lady.

BTW for those of you who are visiting this site for suggestions of hymns to include because Sunday is Remembrance Day might I suggest one or two of the following:
Eternal Father Strong to Save
God Our Help and Constant Refuge
Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence (For Communion)
O God of All the Many Lands
O God of Love, O King of Peace

Remember the hymns should relate to the liturgy of the Sunday and not to the secular or patriotic observance, but one or two hymns for the fallen of the various wars would not be amiss. Though, I would hesitate to use the National Anthem for this day.

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