15 November 2007

The Ordination to the Transitional Diaconate

In short, one could tell very early on that the pastor was clearly NOT in charge.

Being seating on the last row of the choir loft, I did notice several tall vessels on the altar, but the decanter, after the wine was poured was returned to a side table and ignored for the rest of the Mass. Though I am not sure if the tall vessels were chalices or ciboria. In any case, the Precious Blood of our Lord was not poured from one vessel to another as near as I could see. Personally, I don't know if this is because, having so many people in church they opted against having communion under both species or Father had been talked to by the ArchBishop. The real test will be next Sunday. Bear wagers that it will be back to "normal."

Music Program as listed in the Choirs Package

Opening Hymn
I God Beyond All Praising (Thaxted)

Gloria VIII (Missa De Angelis)

Responsorial Psalm (Proper for the Sunday)
Lord when your glory appears, my joy will be fullCBW 207 (RK/SD)

Gospel Acclamation
Celtic Alleluia (first verse)

The Prostration of the Ordinand
Litany of the Saints
Adapted for use in Canada, Music John D Becker

During the Investiture
Veni Creator Spiritus

Offertory Hymns
Tu Sei La Mia Vita
Lord of Creation To You Be All Praise (Slane)

Latin (unknown -to me- Italian Composer)

Latin (unknown - to me- Italian Composer)

Mystery Of Faith
"Christ Has Died" (Haugen- Mass of Creation)

Great Amen
Haugen Mass of Creation

Agnus Dei
Latin (unknown - to me- Italian Composer)

Communion Hymns
Here I am Lord
You Are Mine (Haas)
edited by Bear: "You Are Mine" was a total disaster. The choir had only practiced it once, and a very large section of the choir had not sung in over a year- they turned up for this Mass alone.

Tell Out My Soul (Woodlands)

I did greet the Archbishop after the Mass, which lasted 2 hours, but all I managed to say was
"Your Grace, have a good Sunday"

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