24 December 2007

elf report, 2

Well, the secular side is ready. I've baked the cookies, fudge and chocolate truffles. The gifts from Santa's shop are all done. I made a bagatelle game for my nephew, and a hnefatafl/fox and geese game for elder and younger. Once Christmas is over, I may return to the shop and finish up a few of the things that have piled up- a desk for elder, a doll house for younger, a carousel horse for no particular reason, dining room chairs and, if I have time, I can continue with my pipe organ experiments. Most of the gifts aren't wrapped yet, but Puff and I plan on taking care of that after Mass, if the kids leave us any of the blasted tape (six rolls and counting.) All else fails, duct tape, super glue and two way carpet tape will be used. I once 'wrapped' a gift for my brother in law in a plywood box, with the sides and top nailed down. Christmas day, I handed him a crowbar to open it up.

Spiritual side: Going to Mass. Will sing. Kids are with us. No Haugen Haas scheduled for tonight, except we're going back to Massive Cremation for Yuletide/ordinary time. Can't find any bells to ring at the Gloria, as is apparently the custom. I'm hoping to find a little more 'spirit' between now and then.

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