31 December 2007


Haven't blogged much this week, as we've been too busy racing around, seeing people we usually don't see and most likely won't see for another year; helping the children play with their new toys; multiple trips to church. There hasn't been much time for blogging. There's still a blessing that I have to deal with. I'll try and do that later. Some notes, though: first, the good:

We met BroAJK on Friday and had a lovely visit. We showed him a few of our church treasures, although not all that successfully. We wanted to show him Toronto's most beautiful church, St Paul's basilica, but we walked in just as a wedding was about to start, thus cutting that visit short. He seemed to be impressed. We also took him to the Oratory parish, which he seemed to like, although his phrase was: "It's not sterile." We ate and talked and had a good visit, and look forward to seeing him again.

The less than good: dinner with in laws. The dinner went well, but then we started talking at the end. I was speaking with my brother-in-law and unfortunately population came up, and also assistance to the poor, two of his themes. He believes, and I quote , "Population control is a good thing." (incidentally, his wife had her tubes tied. Before that they used condoms. DAMHIKT.) Further, as we talked about assistance to the poor, he reiterated his usual position: he is all for helping them in theory, but none of the charities out there does any real good, in his opinion, so he gives them nothing. I discussed with him several methods for giving aid, but he believed them all to be deficient in the end.

Unfortunately, I find him to be an average nominative Catholic. He believes, yes, but feels the message does not apply to him in his situation. He would do good, but the appropriate time just hasn't come, so he feels he is living the Christian life because he would do the right thing only if only the right opportunity would arise, an opportunity he could agree with. In short, his vices are real and his virtues are imaginary. Pray for this man lest he finds himself before his judge very unprepared.

In a side note, they have taught their children their own beliefs, and at one time the wife, Puff's sister, was teaching a class of first communicants that the Eucharist was symbolic. We had quite a row over that one. I don't know if she actually changed her view. Somehow, I doubt it. Pray for her too.

Still, the week has been fun. The holidays end too soon. The end of the year usually brings about ruminations of what we have done, our achievements and our failures. At this point, beyond being a year closer to death, I can't see anything worth writing over.

Happy New Year to you all.

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