20 December 2007

Schadenfreude, Vatican style

One of the fishwraps I found on the subway this morning contained the following headline: "Vatican slams Compass." The story contained what appears to be a few quotations from the Vatican: the movie "promotes a cold and hopeless world without God." It was "The most anti-Christmas film possible," was "devoid of any particular emotion apart from a great chill." The article concludes that the that the films low gross was something the Vatican found "comforting." The article quotes Kidman and the director defending the movie's stance.

Here's a question: The movie was supposed to have been toned down so not to offend people, and it flopped. Will that inspire them to tone down the sequel, or will they deliberately go for broke, since they have nothing to lose? Think of the free publicity if this statement had been released before the movie was released.

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