9 December 2007

Today at Mass

Today, just before the offertory, Father had a couple who are celebrating their sixtieth anniversary renew their vows in front of the whole congregation. Having couples who have been married for long periods renew their vows during Mass is something he is fond of doing. It is his intention- and I believe it is a good intention- to hold these people up as living examples to us all, to say, as it were, it is possible even in this day and age to live together in holy matrimony for a very long time. To have the vows redone privately will not send the message to so large an audience, and therefore he does it during Sunday Mass.

But is this supposed to happen at all? Mass is supposed to be the greatest thing in the world. It needs no extras. And as for us married folk, even if all other marriages fail it does not release us from the burden of making ours last. On the other hand, it's nice to know we're not alone, or that marriage can really last. Other churches will offer congratulations during the announcements, or in the bulletin. But that doesn't make the message as strong. Is it worthwhile to interrupt the Mass even to send a good message? A sacramental message?

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