10 January 2008

Been busy

Posting is still a little light. I'm up to my eyeballs at work, Puff is back on her meds, including one which makes her sleepy, so I haven't had time to get around to the meme or the Blessing with which I've been tagged. Nor have Puff and I trolled the web for Church News, of which there is always a fair amount. (personally, I'm looking forward to the clarification on Summorum Pontificum, and apparently I was wrong in my assumption that the Pope's third encyclical would be on Faith) Haven't had any time to think Deep Thoughts on Deep Subjects either, and the news has been rather thin except for saturation on the American election, (about which I am hesitant to comment, since I am Canadian.) so I'm a little hard up for topics.

Hopefully I'll get some topic coming up to sink my teeth into soon. Lately, the free time I've had (measured in minutes and seconds) I've spent in the shop- or The Lair of the Catholic Galoot as I am starting to think of it. I could regale you with tales of wood and saws and carving and treadle lathes and experiments in making organ pipes, (Incidentally, I finally managed to successfully make a stopt Diapason pipe. This is something of an achievement.) but I suspect most people would be bored.

Perhaps I should do like Dale Price, and have a poll on what topics you readers would like to see in 2008. Feel free to use the combox.

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