27 January 2008

today at mass

We were unable to get to our regular church today, so we went to one nearby instead. The less said of what followed, the better. But there was one thing I felt was particularly bad, and I believe it is totally prohibited: There was no crucifix anywhere in the church. None, not even in the stations of the cross. The procession came in following a cross (made of two intersecting rainbows) with no corpus. That was the main thing I noticed.

Puff wants to add that the priest had all the children standing behind the altar while he consecrated the hosts. She was perturbed by that.

There was a host of oddities about the church. I won't go into full detail. But here's the oddest thing of all: it was packed, standing room only. The orthodox churches I know around here are mostly empty, yet this place was absolutely full.

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