27 April 2008

Brief roundup.

The Toronto Transit Commission's strike this weekend left us all stranded at home. We didn't even know the strike was on until we were on our way to the bus stop to go to the girls' swimming and ballet lessons yesterday. We couldn't even get to Church today because of it. Wonderful, just wonderful.

We had our first barbecue of the season yesterday, seeing as we weren't going anywhere, and had lots of spare ribs. I barbecue over charcoal: gas is a heresy. A question to those of you who may know: I saw a cooking show which compared Canadian and American barbecue habits. Apparently, in the US it's all about the sauce. They have their own recipes, or their favourite brand, and they cover their meat in one thing or another, or marinade it for hours, and set on the grill. In Canada it is about the meat, and our most common method is to rub in a little oil and salt, and then to the grill. Is this really true? I know my more common method is the 'Canadian' way, but I didn't think I was upholding national stereotypes by so doing.

The music room at the children's school was vandalized, and apparently many instruments were damaged. As a 'punishment' the music teacher is having the kids watch "Grease", until someone 'fesses up and spills on whoever did this. I feel like asking a series of conflicting questions, such as: This is punishment? or Isn't this cruel and unusual punishment? Also, I don't think the movie is appropriate for Catholic schools, when the central message seems to be the timeless and eternal: If you are a girl and want to keep your guy, put out.

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