25 April 2008

C484 Petition - Ken Epp M.P.


WE, THE UNDERSIGNED RESIDENTS OF CANADA, draw the attention of the House to the following:

THAT in current federal criminal law, an unborn child is not recognized as a victim with respect to violent crimes;

THAT when a pregnant women in Canada is assaulted or killed, because we offer no legal protection for unborn children today, no charge can be laid in the death of the unborn child;

THAT the vast majority (72% according to Environics Poll, Oct 2007) of Canadians support laws that protect unborn children from acts of violence against their mothers that also injure or kill the child in her womb.

THAT forcing upon a pregnant woman the death/injury of her unborn child is a violation of a woman’s right to protect and give life to her child.

THAT studies show violence against women often begins or escalates during pregnancy.

THEREFORE your petitioners call upon Parliament to enact legislation which would recognize unborn children as separate victims when they are injured or killed during the commission of an offence against their mothers, allowing two charges to be laid against the offender instead of just one.

-cited from C484 Petition

To sign the above petition please go to MP Ken Epp's website and follow his instructions.

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