12 April 2008

My country

I like America. I have never quarrelled with the American people who come to this website- at least not about being American. I have made no comments on American politics or elections, nor sought to infect your opinions with my own. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for coming by. And I also want to thank you because none of you- to the best of my knowledge- has used the term "Soviet Canuckistan" to describe my home.

Perusing the blogs today, I have found that Canada is again on the radar for several of the conservative American blogs, this time for the debacle of the HRC's and Mark Steyn et al. It's a lousy situation, and it is perhaps past time for the governments to step in and bring the HRC's in line, either by abolishing them in their entirety or by restricting their function back to the original intent of the creators of the HRC.

So naturally the term "Soviet Canuckistan" has popped up again, and again, along with a host of other tired cliches. I think I want to hold a contest, an 'Insult Canada Wittily' contest every few years. Come up with something new for when you wish to condemn my home. If what we do is important enough to insult and condemn, it should be important enough to insult and condemn with style.

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