15 April 2008

Our Pope

For a little while I'm on the same continent as the Pope.

There are so many blogs covering the papal visit I cannot possibly link to them all. Mostly the coverage is decent.

There is a tendency that I have seen in both Conservative and Liberal bloggers: Once again, we have people who are upset the Pope doesn't measure up to their standards. Several times I have read variations on "I want to hear the Pope say (here the author inserts their pet causes). Anything else is just hot air."

So the people are looking for the Pope to say what they want, when they should be listening for what he has to say. There's an old saying: God gave us two ears but only one mouth so we could listen twice as much as we speak. This visit is an excellent time for us North Americans, and particularly you fortunate Americans who are graced with this visit, to listen quietly to what our Pope has to tell us.

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