29 May 2008

On this day

My wife and I were married, fifteen years ago. We've really lived up to that "For better or for worse" promise. Wev've rung in the new year taking care of Younger, who is, to say it crassly, puking her guts out, which means Puff and I will be puking our guts out within a few days. Happy Aniversary, dear.

My elder daughter was also born on this day thirteen years ago, which is another way of saying that Puff and I really only celebrated one anniversary. It is also the beginning of the teenage years in the house. Since my daughters are seven years apart, just as Elder stops being a teenager, younger will start. Fourteen straight years of teenagers. Good Lord. Anyone got a line on a "patron saint of parents of teenagers"? Or would it fall under the province of St Dymphna?

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