3 May 2008

Some light ahead

I have spoken to the friend and former coworker I have spoken of so often, and I have some good news: we have set a date, and next Sunday I will accompany him to Mass. Of course, this is barring any unforeseen complications. Thus far, it has been one unforeseen complication after another. Who knows what will happen next week? A flat tire or a traffic jam could scuttle plans yet again. But at least we have set a date.

Having come this far, I now have another thought: I have been so busy and focused on getting him to return to Mass, even just a Mass, that I have no idea what to do afterward. Right now I am just operating on the hope that being in the presence of the miracle of Mass will rekindle some dormant spark within him. I am starting to suspect that more work will be in store. Oh well. I'd best not worry right now. "Sufficient to each day..."

At any rate, to any and all of you who have said a prayer for his return: Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. It looks as though an answer is coming. If you could keep him- and me- in your prayers, I would deeply appreciate it. And in your prayers, thank God for what He has done so far, even as we ask him for a bit more.

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