21 May 2008


Still alive, just tired these last few days. Can't think of what to post. I was going to post a few amusing vignettes from my city's history, but exhaustion kept me back, and I didn't think it would be of much interest to anyone. This means the exhaustion must be deep, because normally I just throw stuff out there, and what happens happens. Some of my most commented on posts were on subjects I felt would fall with a remarkably dull thud. All this time, I have no idea what makes a really good post, so I look to the other blogs.

I long ago eschewed the reading of newspapers, for various reasons, but I've noticed many of the most successful blogs out there (by successful I mean "gets lots of hits") are dedicated to reading the news and commenting upon the various stories. I've also noticed that many of the people who do this seem to be angry most of the time and their blogs are little more than a monument to their spleen. Were I to do that, not only would I be tired, I would also have a hole where my stomach used to be, leaking acid all over the carpet. There's enough anger out there already. The world doesn't need mine as well, therefore I will go back to publishing whatever I want. except tonight. I'm tired.

So to bed I go. Goodnight, gentle readers. As a thanks for stopping by, my prayers tonight will be for the intentions of my readers: May God bestow his blessings upon you, grant you the graces you need.

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