16 June 2008

Now This is Cool

If you, like me, have an interest in history, or if you, also like me, grew up watching "The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau" then this article will interest you. Some wreck hunters have found the wreck of the HMS Ontario at the bottom of Lake Ontario. The ship sank in a storm October 31, 1780, and it is almost perfectly intact.

The men who found the wreck have no plans on divulging its location, but hope to interest someone to make a documentary of the ship. This is good, as souvenir hunters would undoubtedly dive the ship and start dismantling it for collectors were its location known.

The ship is a British war grave, and as such should not be disturbed. That's too bad, in a sense. If it were allowed, I wonder if it were possible to raise the ship up and have our own version of the Mary Rose. The Mary Rose itself was also once a grave, as was the Hunley.

There are other wrecks down there as well. Wood does not easily rot in the low oxygen environment of the depths of the Great Lakes. I know a few other wrecks have been found in near perfect condition, almost perfectly frozen in time. What a wonder, that such things still exist, a history beyond that of books, a reminder that the past happened, that the past is real and still exists with us.

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