13 June 2008

quick hits

Just a few thoughts.

Larryd raised the issue in the combox about what Canadian papers are saying about the HRC's, Mark Steyn, Ezra Levant, etc. From my experience, absolutely nothing. I have not seen one single word written about these stories. The newspapers could raise awareness, and fan some outrage, but instead they'd rather cover the presidential race, and tell Americans how they should vote, or Canadians how they, the writers would vote if they had a vote to cast. It is a safe opinion and bears absolutely no consequences. In the meantime, they are passively partaking in their own destruction.

Also, I have noted several blogs noting that the current gas prices are causing many people to leave behind environmental concerns. '20 years of indoctrination into the environmental cause is being undone by five months of high gas prices' is the usual formulation. Many are indulging in schadenfreude over the situation. I am not about to begin a debate on environmentalism, but rather on the lack of conviction I see in this. So many people are unwilling to hold beliefs when there is a cost, or a price, or when it is uncomfortable.

More such people sixty years ago, and this blog would be in German.

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