2 July 2008

Tired. Taking a Break.

I'll be leaving blogging for about a week or so. I need a little rest, and I also have a few other things that need my attention. My family. My woodworking. I have a little writing that I wish to attend to. That I'll explain.

You may have noticed I have an interest in history. For the sake of preserving some history for the future I have been recording the history of my family for my children. In particular I am trying to preserve the stories of my father. He was a wonderful storyteller, much better than I, and had the fates been kinder my daughters would have learned his tales while sitting on his knee. But such was not to be, and if my daughters are to have any sense of the man it will have to some from me. So I've been writing down his stories along with a few of my own as best as I can.

Many of dad's best stories were his stories of the War, and he had plenty. But they were disorganized, and often he situated them in no particular time or place. In order to help me organize his stories, and check the facts, I sent away to Ottawa to get my father's war record. They only sent me a part of it, but what they sent is enough to confirm most of what he said although I need more time to go over it and organize the new information. So I'll take a week and see what I can do with that.

See you in a week.

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