28 August 2008

Another Piece of Coolness Puled From the Past.

I meant to post this earlier. French archaeologists digging at the bottom of the Rhone in Arles have found a life bust of Julius Caesar. The bust dates from Caesar's own time.

The image is in the Roman realistic style, as opposed to later idealised portraits. it shows a balding man in middle age. One corner of his mouth seems is starting to turn up- later portraits often show Caesar with a half smile.

Things like this always make me wonder what else is out there to be discovered. Not everyone shares my enthusiasm, though. I once spoke to a professor who lived in France, and he told me an odd story. While digging in his garden one day, he discovered the remains of what he believed to be some Neanderthals. Apparently, they had used that area as a gravesite.

"That's incredible!" I said. "What happened next? What did you tell the archaeologists?"

"Are you mad?" he shot back. "I didn't want them ruining my garden. I covered those skeletons right back up!"

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