2 September 2008

Canada to possibly have elections October 14

The Right Honourable Mr. Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada will visit the Viceroy, Her Excellency Mme M. Jean, Governor General of Canada and inform her that he "no longer has the confidence of the House," and ask her to dissolve parliament and call an election for (the date he would like would be) October 14, 2008. The decision to dissolve parliament will be the Governor General's and the decision will be made between September 5 and 7, triggering an election.

Gee, September 5 to October 14 to call and hold an election. 39 days for an election. Somehow I feel cheated, and relieved all at the same time.

Tories' are lead by: Mr. Stephen Harper
Grits' are lead by: M. Stephane Dion
NDP are lead by: Mr. Jack Layton
Bloc Quebecois are lead by: M. Gilles Duceppe

I have one question: If the election has not yet been formally called by the GG and the PM hasn't even met with the GG, why do the Tories already have election ads on TV?

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