20 September 2008

Decision, 2008, part two

Well, folks, we have just completed the second week of campaigning for the Canadian election, and Spirit Sword's reporters have returned with this late breaking scoop:

Absolutely Nothing Has Happened!

All three- or four- or possibly five- parties have made a fair amount of noise, ranking up there with MacBeth's Tale told by an idiot. Climatologists are concerned for the negative effect the sudden release of all this hot air will have on our climate, and fear an increase in global warming. Other Eco Scientists are experimenting with ways to harness this potential energy source, which is apparently boundless.

The negative ad campaign which marked the Tory effort thus far has spread to the other parties. So while no party seems to be able to think of a reason why we should vote for them, they are providing Canadian voters with a plethora of reasons why we shouldn't vote for the other guys.

In all seriousness, this is not good enough. If any politician out there who happens to read this blog really wants my vote, give me a reason to vote for you. Not why why I should not vote for your opponent, but why I should vote for you. Right now, the only vote I'd like to cast for any of you is the kind of vote they have on Survivor, where I'd would get to vote you off the island. Or perhaps onto an island, or better yet, an ice floe.

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