10 September 2008

The first Casualty of this election is the Provincial bird of Newfoundland and Labrador

That's right. The Puffin has been drawn into the jaws of the political animal that is Canadian Federal Politics.

Now I thought it would have sunk in that Negative ads DON'T work in Canada. The Tory's should remember what happened in 1993 when they ran negative campaign ads which appeared to mock Jean Chretien's face, partly paralysed due to Bell's Palsy. The Liberal's ended up winning the election by a land slide, and held on to that power until Harper won a minority in 2006.

Tories, I may consider voting for you, but if you pull these kind of stunts, it makes it very difficult to back you. It's juvenile, and petty, and not what Canadians deserve from their intended elected representatives in Her Majesty's Government. But then again maybe you don't want to win the next election, let alone win a majority.

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