22 September 2008

nerd alert

Warning: If you aren't a sci-fi geek, you may want to move along. Nothing to see here.

I read on the weekend ana rticle in the newspaper about the new Star Trek movie, specifically about the guy who will play Spock, and how they are re-tooling the original series using a new cast, with a young Kirk, a young Spock etc. Now my question is, what is their motto? To timidly go back to where everyone has been before? Although I may very easily be wrong, I can't imagine these new guys will come off looking all that good compared to the classic crew.

For me, I don't particularly want to see a re-tooling, or a rehashing, or any of that guff. If they want to do something new, why don't they do something really new? Instead of going back over something already done, why not try a movie about something new? Why not boldly go where no man has gone before, mainly because it isn't mankind that's doing the going? That's right, I'm talking about Star Trek Klingon! "To seek out new life, and subdue it. To boldly go and conquer all that stands in our way, and then go out of our way to conquer some more!" Now there's something I would lay done some samolians to go and see. Judging from the guys at the conventions who wear their vertebrae on their foreheads, I'd say there's a fair sized, ready made audience for it.

Yeah, I know. I'll probably go and see this one anyway.

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