18 September 2008


The American Catholic blogs seem to be rather in a state of euphoria over the naming of Sarah Palin as the Republican Vice Presidential candidate. There is one phrase that pops up among her male supporters quite frequently: In addition to her record in politics, Mrs. Palin, it seems, also has this "naughty librarian" look about her.

Now, being male and rather familiar with the- ah,- male imagination, let us say- thinking about librarians is rather foreign to me, and I have only two quick things to say: First, thou shalt not covet another man's wife. I'm sure I've read that somewhere or other. In this case, now that she is under the protection of the secret service, coveting could very well be a terminal experience. But I digress.

Second: What, exactly, does one think about when one thinks of a 'naughty librarian'? Taking a book back late?

I'm not entirely certain I want an answer to this question...

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